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Remembering Victims….Supporting their Survivors

Jacque MacDonald’s life tragically changed forever when she received a call on March 25, 1988, informing her that her daughter, Debi, had been brutally murdered in her home while Debi’s 3-year-old daughter slept nearby. After discovering the murderer had not been apprehended, Jacque began her own relentless nine-year search for her daughter’s killer; a seemly impossible undertaking driven by a resilience and determination that only a loving mother could have. Jacque knew she would find the “one person who knows” who would have the information needed to bring the killer to justice.

For love of Debi, Jacque never gave up and for love of Jacque, her husband, Dennis, stood firmly by her side. In 1996, Jacque’s determination and perseverance finally paid off when “the one who knows” came forward with vital information that led to the arrest and eventual conviction of Debi’s killer nearly ten years after her death.

Jacque has become an inspiration and a beacon of hope for those who have lost loved ones to horrendous crimes. She has fought for victims’ right and has helped others as they struggled with their own life-altering tragedies. Jacque now has a television program called “The Victim’s Voice” which highlights unsolved cases, the criminal justice system, and the impact of crimes on families, among other issues. “The Victim’s Voice” also broadcasts a weekly radio show on KYOS 1480 in Merced, California. For a listing of Comcast stations and air times please see below.

The Victim’s Voice
Television Schedule

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Radio Merced
KYOS 1480
Saturdays at 12:15pm
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